Building a Community of Friends

Building a Community of Friends

From my own life and my professional work, I know that childhood memories and experiences are central to who we are today. The future may be uncertain, but insight into our heritage will help us better understand how to deal with the present and move into the future.

We all have childhood memories and experiences that are permanently embedded in our brains. Some we would like to keep vivid and alive as long as we possibly can, while others may be more challenging to revive. Sometimes the best way to preserve these memories is to write them down before they fade away and to share these stories with others.

I’ve begun my own writing journey to preserve my cultural heritage and rediscover my roots. It is my hope that by sharing our experiences on this website, we can all build a community and learn from each other. My goal in this blog is to have a conversation, to share, and to inspire others to explore and maintain their own cultural heritage.

To help create this community, I am asking for your involvement. Please share these blog posts on social media. Blog about your own experiences and link back to our community. Above all, participate; share your experiences with me, and with other readers. Talk to each other in the comments. Then bring these discussions into your offline lives, and rediscover what made you who you are–and where you truly belong.


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